How to start your investing/trading journey

Describes how I started investing/trading


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5/4/20231 min read

How I started investing/trading
How I started investing/trading

I started my investing journey in 2004 when I got my first job. My father had already purchased an insurance plan for me from LIC. Over the years I have felt that a term plan would have been better which I took later. I then started to invest in mutual funds. Once I got comfortable with mutual funds I started investing in blue chip stocks. Then I proceeded to mid caps and small caps. I have also tried trading in stocks from 2017 and gained knowledge in it over the years. I have also tried futures, option selling and buying but find it comparatively risky.

If any person wants to start their investing journey I would recommend they do so in the following manner.

  1. Buy a term insurance plan which is at least 25 to 50 times your annual expenses.

  2. Buy index mutual funds / ETFs every month to get used to the volatility.

  3. Buy the best stocks from Sensex/Nifty every month once you are comfortable with the above.

  4. Buy the mid caps and small caps once you are able to make money from the above.

  5. You can try trading at this stage in stocks in cash market if you can cut your losses.

  6. If you achieve success in above only then should you try futures and option.

Let me know if you would like me to elaborate any point in detail so that I can cover it in future articles or update this one.